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凪あすlog2, by 和菜.

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Do you think there will be a sequel? also who ended up together? like gf bf

nn..i’m not really sure if they’ll make sequel.

At the end Hikari and Manaka got together, Chisaki and Tsumugu. Not really sure about Kaname and Sayu…i think that was about it

Sorry to bother you. There was this audio I heard from one of the post in the nagi no asukara tag. If I'm not mistaken, it was from 'tsumugu-x-chisaki'. It seems that it was about the happenings with chisaki and tsumugu during the 5 year skip. I can't post the link in here. So could you check it out? Do you possibly know where it came from? I already asked the user too. But I'm not sure if he would take notice of it. It seems that he/she does not speak in English.

no worries!!

That drama CD was from the Nagi no Asukara DVD Vol 8(^^)

Hope it helped(*^△^*)/

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Hermoso Drama CD donde los protagonistan son Chisaki & Tsumugu y el Abuelo que venia encluido en el vol8

Nagi no Asukara Scenery 5/?

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Chisaki Hiradaira | Nagi no Asukara

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